About Us

Welcome to Hayatibaa Antika

Hayatibaa Antika offers you the products it has collected since 2015 in Hayatibaa Antika store, which was opened in 2022. We offer antiques such as carpets, rugs, silver and furniture with more than 50000 antiques to our valued customers in our store, which is the largest antique store in Turkey.

Hayatibaa Antika's visionary stance takes a stance on guaranteeing all our valuable antiques with our valuable expertise, that the products are real and of high quality. In addition, as a company, we offer ourselves as a duty to always be friendly and hospitable to our valued customers.

Product variety
Our Products We have a product range of approximately 50000 items from Turkey and many parts of the world, our oldest product being from about 1200's. There are carpets, rugs, plates, cups, silverware, trinkets, mirrors, armchairs, tables, coffee tables, vases, paintings and many products that we cannot count. If you want to see and examine these products, you are welcome to our store.

Exceptional Customer Satisfaction
Hayatibaa Antika pioneers exceptional customer service with a unique approach and offers an authentic customer-centered experience. Hayatibaa Antika is also among the companies that have undertaken the concept of “Unconditional Customer Happiness” in Turkey. It offers fluent English speaking staff. It is also committed to leading the way in creating the best shopping experience.